I do want 2017 to be different...better, and that begins with me. But my typical thoughts surrounding "loose weight/read x amount of books/go to the gym this many times a week/do this, do that..." are not what fill my thoughts this year because I have realized that my typical new year's resolutions never have sticking power. For me, the reason they don't last is because they are typically task oriented and I fail to find myself "all in."

When I have actually made strides toward change, it is because the changes have been goal oriented. WHY do I want to _______? If I can't answer "why," the resolution will never last. So, my unspoken resolution for 2016 was to prepare for Kilimanjaro in 2017. I had a very tangible goal, and my actions reflected the goal.

So back to 2017. Here's what I think. We live in a world starved for genuine love and understanding. More important that anything in my life is my attentiveness to loving others. My natural instinct is to stay busy, fill my time with activity, and pour myself into task-oriented living. Sounds right on par with "new year's resolutions," right?

This year I want to be more open and attentive to my heart. That's it. That's the goal. So, these are my baby steps:

  • Recognize my feelings and share them with the people I love
  • Listen to my people
  • Begin to believe that my heart is as valuable as my head

That's it. You may be thinking, this girl is crazy...doesn't everyone naturally do those things? Some people live in that place all the time. Me, not so much, and I know that's my first step to "changing the world."

I want to see a world where we listen to people who are different from us.

I want to see a world where we seek understanding, rather than seek being right.

I want to see a world where loving our neighbor is the most important ideal.

And it begins with me; in my home; in my workplace, in my heart.