CMN has raised more than $5 billion dollars in the U.S. and Canada, most of these donations a $1.00 at a time.  

Children's Miracle Network exists to increase funds and awareness specifically for local children's hospitals.  RE/MAX & CMN have been in partnership since 1992.  RE/MAX and your local RE/MAX agents have raised more than 130 million dollars for CMN's 170 member hospitals in North America.  Each hospital determines the allocation of funds for each children's hospital.

I am a Children's Miracle Network Ambassador for RE/MAX. I support CMN with donations, with time, and want I to let you on a secret that I hope does not stay a secret...

Myself, my team, local RE/MAX agents and YOU have a wonderfully unique gem that you most likely do not know about... the RE/MAX Communication Preschool.  Its located in Royal Oak and affiliated with Beaumont Children's Hospital.  

This is the first of its kind to have a direct donation sponsor.  Every donation, every dollar that RE/MAX agents donate flows directly to children in our community.  This preschool is funded solely through donations made by the RE/MAX associates.  

It provides scholarships for families who have children with speech and language difficulties.  It is taught by certified pediatric speech and language pathologists.  For most families this therapy is not covered under insurance, which makes those families eligible for scholarships.  

I (we) shouldn't be keeping this a secret.  Its incredible to see and understand that even $1 is helping your community, someone you may have grown up with, or someone your children go to school with.  

If you would like more information about the RE/MAX Communication Preschool or Children's Miracle Network, I am thrilled to share.  I know many other RE/MAX agents who would be honored to do the same.

Enjoy these superheroes!