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8 Dos and Don'ts of Property Viewing


8 Dos and Don'ts of Property Viewing

Erica White

Erica has had a few different roles with the team throughout the years, originally coming on as Director of Operations, then Director of Seller Relati...

Erica has had a few different roles with the team throughout the years, originally coming on as Director of Operations, then Director of Seller Relati...

Sep 13 4 minutes read

8 Dos and Don'ts of Property Viewing


1. Do bring your spouse or partner - If you need more than just your say so to purchase a home, do make sure both halves of your whole are at the showing. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a home but miss your chance to put in an offer because it sold before your spouse could see it.

2. Do get pre-approved before you go to a showing - Many homes now require proof that a buyer is qualified to purchase a home BEFORE you can schedule a showing. This helps to weed out looky-loos and protect the seller from people who aren’t seriously looking. If your perfect home comes along you’ll want to be prepared.

3. Don’t make snap judgments - Many times the decorations in a home can be off-putting. Just remember anything unaffixed to the walls or floors generally won’t be staying. Once it’s yours you can change it how you like so use your imagination.

4. Do refrain from commenting on the overall condition of the property while you’re touring until you are well enough away - Good or bad it’s best to take your discussion away from property lines in case the owner may be nearby and listening. It could affect your negotiation power later on.

5. Don’t be nosy - Rifling through personal possessions is a big NO. That isn’t to say you can’t open drawers and cabinets. Furniture affixed to the walls is coming with the property you’re purchasing unless otherwise stated by the owner. But getting into their pantry for a snack is less acceptable. (Read: Not acceptable at all.)

6. Don’t bring a crowd - It isn’t always in your best interest to bring a crowd with you when purchasing a home. Only you (and possibly your spouse) will know if the house is what you’re looking for. The exception to this rule is your Realtor. More often than not their experience can keep you from offering top dollar for the little house with a HUGE foundation problem.

7. Do hire the right agent - Good agents are paid to see past their own likes and dislikes to help find the perfect home for you while also keeping an objective eye for common home issues that can be deal breakers or even give you an idea of what you may need to invest in the house before you start signing paperwork. Great agents have teams behind them to help the home purchase process run smoothly beyond the viewing phase and all the way to closing.

8. Do your homework - State law requires you have agency with a licensed agent to preview a home with them.* If you choose to buy on your own you will find difficulty in finding up to date listings (Zillow feature homes that are already sold as active) and you may be missing out on your dream home because you don’t have access to the most up-to-date info.

*Agency: Agency means that the client and agent have signed documentation stating the agent in question has a fiduciary responsibility to the client (meaning they are acting in the best interest of their client), and that a client has an exclusive relationship with the agent.

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