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Are You Ready To Be A Superhero?


Are You Ready To Be A Superhero?

Ever since I was a child I always wanted to be one person: Captain America. At some point, I think most kids have had a similar dream: I really wish I was like Wonder Woman or Batman or Superman. If you were like me, the reason you wanted to be a superhero is because of awesome super powers, and each super hero had a unique superpower. One thing that the comics and movies don’t tell you is the reason one superhero is better at a particular superpower than another is because they focus on their one thing (or superpower) that makes them great. 

Over the past month our sales team has been going through Gary Keller’s book The One Thing. This has brought up numerous conversations about what exactly is each person on our team's "one thing." This topic, on the surface, is something that may not seem very important, but when you really take the time to narrow down what your true one thing is, you begin to feel unique - you begin to feel like you have a true super power! 

Each and every day everyone of us completes a million different tasks. The truth of the matter is over 80% of those tasks completed are simply time fillers and things to make you feel like you were doing something productive. Focusing on your one thing requires you to go small and to really narrow down what truly matters in that moment. What is  going to allow you to achieve more, earn more, and do more? Extraordinary results are determined by how narrow you can make your one thing. I know it seems like a foreign concept thinking of your superpower as a small thing but just because it’s small doesn’t make it easy. 

 I challenge you to ask yourself: what is my "one thing?"  When you determine what this one thing is give it a shot and trust the system. In order for this domino effect of achieving more, earning more, and doing more to truly work, your one thing must become a habit, and habits are not formed overnight. Captain America said “the price of freedom is high…and I’m ready to pay.” Ask yourself the same thing…are you ready to do whatever it takes to be extraordinary? Are you ready to be the best version of you? Are you ready to be a superhero? 

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