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Top 5 Burgers in Downtown Rochester


Top 5 Burgers in Downtown Rochester

We are lucky to be in downtown Rochester where there is an abundance and variety of restaurants. Many of these restaurants feature the classic hamburger on their menu. I decided to try and name my top 5 favorite burgers in town. This list was difficult to come up with, as there are definitely more than these 5 burgers I would be more than happy to eat, but I did my best to compile my 5 favorites (in no particular order or ranking):

1. Kabin Krusers

I eat at Kabin Krusers more frequently than any other restaurant in downtown Rochester. I usually go for the seafood, but was recently introduced to their burger. I am disappointed that I have only just discovered this, because it is easily one of the most delicious burgers I have ever eaten. I am now determined to tell everyone about this burger so no one else misses out like I have.

2. O’Connors

The Piedmontese burger is usually my go-to order at O’Connors. The Piedmontese is a surprisingly healthy burger, with less cholesterol and fat than chicken! You definitely do not feel like you are missing out on anything when eating this however.

3. Red Knapps

Red Knapps is a downtown Rochester classic, with a rich family history in our town. Red Knapp started the family’s original restaurant in the 1930s, sold it in the 40s, and then opened Red Knapp’s Dairy Bar in 1950. You can get one of their classic delicious burgers with a milkshake. Every time I am there I somehow I feel as if I am a kid again, and I never regret a meal there.

4. Rochester Mills Brewery

We are lucky to have the Rochester Mills Restaurant and Brewery right below our office. Usually when I am there, I order the Burger of the Day. They have a variety that they rotate, and I have yet to be disappointed.

5. O’Connors (again!)

O’Connors is definitely doing something right with their burgers. The brawler burger is one of my favorites there, and my order if I am not looking for a guilt-free option such as the Piedmonts. It was awarded most flavorful burger at the Detroit Burger Brawl in 2013. You really cannot go wrong with the Brawler burger.

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