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A Simple Solution for Your Pet's Accidents 🙀

When my husband and I were first married, we were cat-parents to Angus and Ellie. When Angus was about 3, we moved and he went through a phase of about 3 months where he decided to make a particular couch in our living room his litter box. GROSS. And so annoying. If you have ever been around cats, you know that cat urine is THE WORST. And when a cat marks a certain spot, they are prone to continue coming back to it. 

Exasperated, we tried every kind of cleaner imaginable. One day, out of desperation I spent hours scouring the internet for blogs, ideas, etc, for how to address this situation. What I found was a simple recipe for pet odor removal. It seemed to be worth a try.

You guys. It was magical. This stuff completely eats the odor away - and I mean completely. 

Since then, we no longer have cats, but we have kids. I have used this solution on any number of soft surfaces (carpet, couches, mattresses) and it is amazing for any "natural" odor (i.e. urine, vomit...). All you have to do is soak/clean up as much of the "mess" as is possible, then mix up the solution fresh each time, saturate the area (and I mean REALLY saturate), and let it dry. You can then smell test and see if you need a reapplication. That's it. I have never had an issue with staining, but I cannot guarantee that - you may want to spot test.

Here's the magical formula - it's likely you have these things on hand already:

16 oz hydrogen peroxide
2 tsp. baking soda
2 or 3 drops of dish liquid

That's it. 

Mix it up. Spray it on. Wait for it to dry.

Let us know how it works for you!

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