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Homeowning and Seniors: The Best Apps and Technology for Seniors


Homeowning and Seniors: The Best Apps and Technology for Seniors

We are pleased to share a guest blog with you today. Jim Vogel started as a means to provide resources to seniors and to adult children and caregivers who are caring for senior parents. He is passionate about spreading awareness to improve senior living. 

The Best Apps and Technology for Seniors

Many seniors struggle with technology, in part because they don’t use it often in their daily lives. However, there have been so many advances in tech just in the past 10 years that could greatly improve a senior’s ability to function that it’s a disservice not to take advantage. Apps that help improve memory and cognitive skills, allow seniors to keep in touch with their family members who live far away, and remind them to take important medication now exist at the touch of a button, and these are the ones that are so important for daily living.

Even downsizing -- which many seniors across the U.S. choose to do in order to keep living at home throughout their golden years -- can be made easier by apps and websites that assist with looking for the perfect home or finding the best contractor for home modifications. Anything you can think of is available on a smartphone or tablet these days, so why not look to see what can be made easier for your senior loved one?

Learn How to Downsize

Downsizing is a big job, but it’s a necessary one for many seniors who find that their current home doesn’t meet their needs anymore. Stairs, large yards to maintain, and rooms that don’t have doorways wide enough for wheelchairs or other medical equipment can all have a negative impact on a senior’s health and can even cause falls and injuries. Downsizing will help your loved one manage their daily life better and allow them to make things more accessible.

One of the major components to downsizing is decluttering and organizing belongings in order to better manage them for the move. Sort through each room and make piles of things that can be sold, donated, or thrown away. Make sure your loved one has the final say on what goes, however; moving can be stressful, and having to part with meaningful belongings is often overwhelming. For some great tips on how to get started, click here.

Download Apps to Help with Communication

Staying in touch with loved ones is a big deal for seniors; it can help them battle depression and loneliness and keep them looking forward, which is so important. If you live far away and want to help your loved one stay connected, consider helping them download an app like Skype, which allows you to call, text, or video chat for free.

Apps for Health

Keeping track of health and monitoring specific issues is important for seniors, so take advantage of apps that will help make sure blood pressure is on point or one that will help them stay on top of taking medication at the right times. These simple reminders can have a big impact on a senior’s health and help keep them stay active and vital.

Help Sharpen Their Memory

There are plenty of online games and apps that can help build cognitive skills and memory, such as Words with Friends, and these can also give your loved one something to look forward to and help them structure their day. For seniors struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, these games can assist them in feeling more confident.

Finding the right tech for your senior loved one may take some time, and it may require some patience on your part as you help them learn how to use it. Talk to your loved one about their specific needs, and encourage them to let you know if there’s a new app they’d like to try. Keeping their interest -- and their spirits -- up can really go a long way in helping them maintain physical and mental health.

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