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What the Olympics Reveals About Selling Homes

On Friday, July 23, a little after 9 p.m. in Tokyo, tennis player Naomi Osaka lit the cauldron at the 2021 Summer Olympic Games opening ceremony, officially beginning the planet's biggest sporting competition. On the other side of the world, thousands of miles and over 13 time zones away, real estate agents in North America brewed their morning coffees and prepared themselves for another day of home-selling.

On the surface, there might be few differences between Olympic athletes and successful real estate agents. But there are some important things they have in common. 

Preparation is Key

Olympic athletes work harder and train longer than anyone else in their sport. The same principle applies to great agents. 

Sometimes, becoming a gold-medal agent is a marathon, not a sprint. Offers fall through, contracts are voided, and the people they're helping suffer disappointment. The best local agents might not have always been superstars, but they've worked on their weaknesses and spent time preparing. Good agents identified their weak spots and learned how to jump over the biggest hurdles to exceed their clients' expectations. They genuinely care. They discovered how to price local real estate competitively. They know their numbers. They know their market. Today, the most successful agents network with local industry influencers. If you're looking for an agent that has prepared themselves the best they can, look for these things:

  • A comprehensive marketing plan
  • A transparent pricing strategy
  • 5-star reviews from past clients

These are the agents who go above and beyond.

Hard Work Pays Off

Real estate agents don't win gold medals, but there are winners and losers in this game. The agent who gets her seller top dollar for their home and hits their expectations out of the park (or the stadium or the tennis court) gets rewarded.

She's the one you want to sell your home. 

How do agents become winners? Through hard work, of course. Like the most celebrated athletes, the most successful agents spend years perfecting their craft and fine-tuning strategies to help more people. It takes months, sometimes years, of practice. 

Your real estate agent should have success stories and a proven track record in your market. Work with an agent with dedication to local real estate and helping their clients.

Setbacks Won't Ruin Future Successes

Almost every Olympic athlete has stumbled along the road to victory. Finnish long-distance runner Lasse Viren fell in the 10,000m final at the 1972 Munich Games but got up, dusted himself off, and won the gold medal in a world-record time.

All agents have hard months and deals gone wrong. But the best agents don't let such a setback ruin their future success. They're dedicated to helping their community. They understand that real estate goes through peaks and troughs.

The best local agents also celebrate their achievements. Did they win an award? You'll see that honor on their Facebook page. A bulging portfolio of 5-star reviews? It's available on their website.

Before You Go

Like with the planet's greatest sports stars, preparation is key, hard work pays off, and a setback or two makes the best agents more determined to succeed for you.

Ready to talk to a team that's going for gold?

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